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Student Express is a one-stop location for essentials to start your semester off right. Reserve your I-card, textbooks, and parking permit online and skip the hassle and lines on move in days! You can reserve all the items offered or just one – get only what you need.

**We will gather your reservations and ship them to you. Orders submitted by midnight (Mountain Daylight Time) April 11 are most likely to arrive before classes start. Orders placed after April 11 will arrive after the start of spring classes.**

To start a reservation, click on the links below:

Text Express
Available March 3rd
Available March 3rd 
Temporarily Suspended

Reservation Pick-up Hours  

Day Date Time
Friday April 17 Cancelled - shipping only
Saturday April 18 Cancelled - shipping only
Monday April 20 Cancelled - shipping only
Tuesday April 21 Cancelled - shipping only

Any items not picked up during Student Express hours:

Textbooks will be returned to inventory and you will be charged a $5 restocking fee. 

I-cards will be available in Kimball 130. 

Parking permits will be available in Kimball 150H.