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Important information about required digital course materials for your class(es).

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What is Auto Access?

Digital course materials that are available in I-Learn on the first day of class. No books to order or pick up and no shipping fees. Access the digital content through your registered courses.

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Can I Cancel Auto Access Materials?

Yes, you can cancel Auto Access materials. Please verify with your professor before cancelling, or opting out, as some course materials are only accessible via Auto Access. 

  • Go to your course in I-Learn
  • In the navigation bar on the left, click on the link for Auto Access course materials
  • You will see your course materials list 
  • To OPT OUT, uncheck the box under the course materials you would like to cancel
  • To OPT IN again, check the box for the course materials you would like to access again 

When you opt out of course materials, your student account will be refunded within 1-2 business days. When opting back in, your student account will automatically be charged again.

LDS Business College and BYU-Hawaii students cannot opt out of Auto Access materials. We are working on this issue, but do not have a resolution at this time. Please be aware we will not be able to refund any Auto Access charges to these students. 

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How and when is Auto Access charged?

Auto Access materials will be charged to your student account during the first week of the semester. If you drop the course or choose to cancel Auto Access, your account will be refunded within 1-2 business days. The last day to receive a refund for Auto Access materials will be the Drop Deadline date. This is during week 4 of the semester and is the last day to drop classes without receiving a 'W' on your transcript. 

The cost of Auto Access materials for each course is detailed on your BOOK LIST.  

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How does Auto Access bless BYU-Idaho Students?

As BYU-Idaho continues to grow, Auto Access content allows us to serve more students by lowering the cost of materials and providing digital access worldwide. Education blesses many lives and lifts us to become disciple leaders in our communities.

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If you are unable to see your Auto Access materials, please allow pop-ups from the Canvas website. Often materials will open in a new window that is blocked by most pop-up blocker software. For other questions, email the University Store at