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Important information about required digital course materials for your class(es).

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What is Auto Access?

Imagine your textbooks, digitally available in iLearn on the first day of class. No books to pick up, no shipping fees, and no standing in line. Just log in and start working as iLearn links you to the correct chapter and page.

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How does Auto Access Bless BYU-Idaho Students?

As BYU-Idaho continues to serve students worldwide, Auto Access ensures the same course materials are available to students in the United States as well as those enrolled from other locations like Africa, Brazil, Russia and the Philippines. Moving to Auto Access content allows BYU-Idaho to serve more students by lowering the cost of materials. It is through this divine technology that many students around the world lift their families out of poverty, enjoy self-reliance, and become disciple leaders in their communities.

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How Is Auto Access Charged?

You will not be charged for Auto Access content until after the add/drop date, which allows you the freedom to change your courses without worrying about material costs. You will see a charge on your student account if you are enrolled in Auto Access courses after the add/drop deadline, see academic deadlines. The cost of each course's materials is also detailed on your booklist.

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Can I Opt-Out of Auto Access Materials?

There is an option to opt-out of Auto Access materials on your BOOK LIST. Please consult with your Instructor before opting-out. Opting-out will remove access to digital material embedded in this course. Dropping an Auto Access course will also opt you out of this material. Please note, some classes do not allow opt-out because the material is not available outside of BYU-Idaho, and is required to complete a course. Please see your Instructor if you are unable to opt-out of any Auto Access material.

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Please see your Instructor for questions or email the University Store at